My Story

I am a lifelong Raleigh-ite currently living in the 1950’s era house I grew up in.  I’m a mom to three adorable but exhausting kids and spend large portions of my days searching for lost shoes.

I’m married to a handsome and brilliant veterinarian who knows me well enough to be certain that I’m not mature enough to raise the backyard chickens that I’ve dreamed of.  Someday, my coop will come.  He knows all there is to know about cows, sheep, & goats and occasionally has to disappear to attend to an alpaca emergency.

My oldest, Jay, was diagnosed with critical congenital heart disease shortly after birth.  Two surgeries later, seven days on life support later, a million fears and prayers later, he is so incredibly healthy that most folks he meets have no idea that he is mending a broken heart.

Mr. Middle Child, Luke, is snuggly and adorable and sweet one moment, then ready to attack you with an imaginary bow and arrow the next.  He’s fun and funny has a terrible case of incurable happiness.

With #3, I finally got the girl I’d been hoping for, only to discover that she likes hair bows even less than her brothers.  Meg is cute as a button but doesn’t hesitate to put the smackdown on her big brothers to get what she wants. She has a mind of her own and she isn’t afraid to use it.

I spent 14 years working in higher education, helping helicopter parents let go of their college kids and serving as a bonus mom to hundreds of students.  All those years of advising 18 year olds on what to be when they grow up have left me wondering what *I* might want to do in the event I ever grow up.  For now, I’ll stick with being a full-time mom with the option of becoming a writer/photographer/college professor/professional Pinterester down the road.


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