Work with Me

Writing takes time. Good writing, creating content that is engaging and connects with readers, takes even more time.  Sometimes we get so busy digging out from the inbox overload that we don’t have time to carefully craft the message we want to share with our audience. Updating website copy and creating new blog posts keeps slipping so far down the To Do List that it simply doesn’t get done.

Let me help.

If you are seeking website content, email messages that actually get opened, up-to-date blog posts, newsletter copy, essays or articles that use story to communicate your message, let’s talk.

My academic background is in communication and nonprofit management, so I take seriously the idea that genuine communication is an interaction between writer and reader. I spent 15 years in higher education, helping parents and students navigate the intimidating waters of getting in and paying for college. With every line of content I wrote for admissions, financial aid, and scholarship websites, I wanted to make the scary process of applying heading off to college into something that even 18 year olds aren’t afraid to tackle.

Let’s work together to identify your needs and how my writing might fill a hole in your organization.